Our Story

The winery was founded by Luigi Montemartini, a natural science scholar and member of parliament in the Kingdom of Italy.

The vineyard and the estate of Ziano was owned by the Montemartini family until 1914. In the years that followed, the property changed ownership several times, until 1991 when some of the Partners invested in the land and bought 50 hectares of vineyards. This is how Cantine Casabella was established.

In 1998 Casabella expanded, buying the wine cellar of Castell’Arquato where grapes coming from a large area, from Ziano to Val d’Arda, are produced.

With the wine cellar, the company has made innovations, improving the winemaking process and supporting administration, logistics and sales: this is the driving force that has allowed the business to conquer new markets. Over the last few years, we have become ambassadors for our area across the world: Asia, South America, the United States and Europe.