The grapes growers

“We have the technology, adding value to what is produced by the land”

Our wine cellar can be found in the middle of a valley, overlooked by the medieval Castell’Arquato. Technological equipment is the main feature of the wine cellar: a system which is at the forefront of innovation in the pressing, winemaking and bottling processes. Steel tanks store the wine. Over 5 million bottles of wine are produced.

This technology is dedicated to the service of the “vine” so that the characteristics of each wine can better emerge. The work in the wine cellar is closely controlled by an oenologist who, during each harvest, chooses the guidelines by which the vintage wine can be produced.

As well as producing wines which are local to our area, as a result of the collaboration with winemakers from other areas, both in Emilia Romagna and in other regions in Italy, we also produce different wines that are world-famous: Lambrusco, different types of sparkling wines, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio IGT