Wine shop

Our shop in Castell’Arquato
where you can find and taste
all the Cantine Casabella wines.

Officina di Bacco [Workshop of Bacchus]. This is the name of our wine shop, a true “tasting laboratory” where you can discover all our labels. Customers can deepen their understanding of wines and appreciate their quality by tasting and learning what makes each one unique, from the winemaking methods used to the peculiarities of the Piacenza land.

At Officina di Bacco, our customary focus on the customer translates into special initiatives:

  • the organisation of pre-booked tasting sessions,

  • the opportunity to taste traditional products from Piacenza (and elsewhere) paired with our wines,

  • new products from the winery,

  • monthly special offers.

Taste to understand… and realise how special our wines are, every time.